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Default Remedies for Commercial Landlords

Personal Property Appraiser

Since my appointment as a Provincially Appointed Bailiff in 1997 I have focused on serving my clients' business and personal needs. My personal growth of knowledge and skill along with my reputation as being one of the elite bailiffs in the industry has enhanced my ability to deal effectively with a wide range of bailiff issues.

In delivering my services I strive for efficiency. BOSS Recovery can assure that all clients can deal directly with the bailiff personally involved with their file.

I offer a wide variety of services and confidently lead the industry in each of those services by staying committed to customer service, education and diligence. 

I am committed to providing an effective service to all customers by building good working relationships with their clients and achieving the highest recovery retios in the industry as I am dedicated to each client to ensure effective communications, personal service and a rapid response to instructions. I regularly review my services to provide the best ways possible to serve you, my client.

I have overall responsibility for the quality of my services

 I provide value, service and refreshingly a top quality professional service for all our clients.

 BOSS Recovery works with our clients' needs, and I will continue to do so. As our clients face new issues and head in new directions, they can be certain that BOSS Recovery will be prepared to serve them properly and efficiently. I am available 24/7 by both phone and email.

I am available to present to you and your company on default remedies and welcome that opportunity.

 KEVIN RICHARDS, Provincially Appointed Bailiff

 Industry Expert and Guest Speaker on Commercial Leasing & Finance Default Remedies.

* I created a course that was recognized by RECO/OREA as a continuing education credit on 

Commercial Tenant Default.